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Consistently with the philosophy advanced to produce standard quality and high strength fasteners, more than twenty years ago, UBK has implemented the special fasteners offer. The wide selection of special bolts is designed to meet the needs of customers for high performing joints due to the use in critical applications.

UBK S.p.A. is able to respond to customers’ requests by offering the possibility of drawing pieces according to technical and mechanical specifications, including, for example, some typical applications in the automotive such as engine heads, flywheels, con-rods, pulleys and transmission. In addition, the company provides support for co-design of the pieces with the direct cooperation of the production engineers.

Special screws

For the production of special pieces, UBK s.p.a. employs work and partnership with the Unbrako, BUMAX and Nedschroef brands. In addition to these suppliers, UBK s.p.a. collaborates with some European and American companies, whose quality system is certified by ISO 9001, QS 9000, ISO 14000, ISO-TS 16949 certifications.

Thanks to the quality of the products, the constant commitment and the many years of technical and commercial expertise and experience, UBK S.p.A.. aims to increase and strengthen its presence in the special fasteners market.

To date, UBK S.p.A. is working with many important companies in the automotive fasteners, covering cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, railway systems, nautical shipbuilding. This partnership allows UBK to provide high-tech and high-quality components, with a focus on the mold industry and the machine tool industry.

In addition, it is necessary to highlight the production of the BUMAX group with regard to the special stainless steel fasteners for high temperature applications, TAPTITE self-tapping screws for metals and PLASTITE for plastics. Alongside these products, UBK also deals with the distribution and sale of standard BUMAX 88 – BUMAX 109 high quality stainless steel screws to the highest quality level.

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