We introduce ourselves!

For over fifty years, UBK S.p.A. guarantees excellent customer service in Italy and Europe for screws, bolts and fasteners. Quality production, diversified and ideal for all industrial, mechanical and automotive needs. Starting from Milan, where the company‘s headquarters is, the entire national territory offers the distribution of standard screws and bolts and special automotive fasteners. In addition, UBK helps customers to develop by co-design special parts for industrial and automotive application utilizing the support and expertise of their staff and manufacturing partners.

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Standard Products

Bolts and standard screws manufactured with the highest quality materials. Our customers have available at UBK s.p.a. the best products on the market, including conical and cylindrical plugs, high and very strength screws. All products offer excellent mechanical performance and comply with applicable international regulations

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Special Products

UBK S.p.A. responds to customers requests by offering design parts for special applications such as typical parts for engines (cylinder heads, con-rods, transmissions, flywheels, pulleys). In addition, UBK provides co-design support, directly cooperating with customers technicians.

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What are we going to do

The company is a leader in distribution of products for mechanical industry. Among its partners, there are important European and international brands that always provide excellent services to customers around the world.

Plus and company values

UBK staff is professional, motivated and sensitive to innovations. The company is in line with the evolution of the markets and offers to its customers dynamic and efficient services, covering technical and logistic support and distribution and sales of
  • special fasteners for automotive  and/or special applications
  • Standard fasteners and bolts: steel screws 12.9, stainless steel bolts, metric and inches.
  • Plugs DIN 906, 908, 910, GAS, NPTF, sealed plugs
  • DIN, ISO dowel pins
  • Nord-Lock washers

Do you need information about our products?

Contact our staff for any information you need about our products, availability, or a free quote without obligation. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.